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Stylish Bantu Knot Hairstyle That Can Inspire Your Next Hairdo(Photos)

As we all know, hairstyles suit people differently. This statement gives women a lot of head ache when it comes to selecting a marvelous hairstyle that showcases their pretty face. A fresh hairstyle always gives new happiness and youthful energy. It is not always about a perfect hairstyle but all about a change.

Bantu Knots are a great protective hairstyle to try this season since they keep the ends tucked away. Bantu knots have been popular for decades and look great on ladies of all ages. With new recreations of this exquisite style with natural hair, there's no better way to look African and incredibly gorgeous. This hairstyle has been worn by a number of celebrities, and some people use it as a simple approach to prepare hair before night in order to achieve effortless curls. The good news is that this stunning style is created using your natural hair. Hair extensions are even used by certain women.

For the bantu knots, follow these easy steps on how to make it.

1. After washing your hair, separate it into four parts using a comb. Oil and then gently comb through each section with your brush or wide toothed comb.

2. After combing each section through and tying it back up, part each section according to the amount of bantu knots you would like in each one.

3. Apply all of your products to each section one by one. After applying your products, comb through your smaller hair sections gently and thoroughly.

4. Once you have your two pieces of hair in your hands, begin a two strand twist.

5. After twisting the two strands together, take the whole twist and twist it in a knot clockwise. To secure your knot, you can use a bobby pin or tuck it under the knot.

6. You can rock it like this for some days before unraveling to get better curls.

Here are few bantu knot styles you can try

1. You can make it long and stylish2. If you don’t want your knot to be too simple, just add twisting or braided designs in between your knots to look unique.3. You can also style it by adding some braided attachment4. Who says you can't make it colorful5. You can also adorn your Bantu knots with hair jewellery to give it that stylish effect.

6. You can apply gel to make it more stylish7. Mohawk Bantu Knot

8. Make it stylish

Photo credit: Instagram

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African Bantu Bantu Knots


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