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10 Types Of Necklaces Women Should Know About

Women love wearing necklaces, these are accessories worn around the neck and upper chest area. Various types of necklaces exist, therefore it is a good idea for ladies to know about them.

Below is a list of 10 types of necklaces ladies should know about.

1. Choker

A choker is a kind of necklace worn around the neck. Ladies usually wear chokers whenever they put on off-shoulder outfits, it makes them appear classy and stylish. Chokers come in various forms, they can be made from rubber, metal, or even fabric.

Image credit: Today and Little Desire.

2. Opera necklace.

Opera necklaces are made up of several beads, they are usually lengthy hence they can be wrapped around the neck in several styles, this kind of necklace can be worn with any kind of outfit.

Image credit: American pearl and

3. Chain

Chains are one of the most popular necklaces, they are usually metallic and can be worn alongside several outfits.

Image credit: U7 Jewelry

4. Rivière 

A rivière necklace is a kind of necklace which is made up of gemstones, it is shiny and classical. Women can wear this kind of necklace to important events such as dinner dates, wedding parties, or dinner parties with friends.

Image credit: Jewellery Discovery.

5. Pendant.

A pendant necklace is also quite popular among ladies, it looks great on everyone and it can be worn with numerous dresses. 

Image credit: Jewel Tree London

6. Collar necklace.

Necklaces that are usually around the collar bone are known as collar necklaces, they make women look elegant and gorgeous.

Image credit: Tomfoolery London.

7. Matinee.

This type of necklace comprises beads and stones which are stylishly bound together. They can be worn with low-cut dresses and other kinds of clothing.

Image credit: Myntra.

8. Lariat.

Lariats are simple yet classical necklaces worn around the neck area, they have a unique shape that makes them stand out.

Image credit: Ania Haie

9. Negligee

 A negligee is a unique necklace that is quite lengthy, this necklace is best suited with nice dinner gowns or glittery outfits.

Image credit: Heming jewels London 

10. Thread necklace.

As the name implies, this necklace is made up of threads interwoven together. Various colours of threads can be used to make it, its colour fullness makes it stand out.

Image credit: Mirraw

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