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Meet Rentsenkhorloo Bud, The Second Girl With The Longest Pair Of Legs

This US based girl who actually originated from Mongolia, Renny is the center of everyone attention and it's all because she proudly stand at a whopping 6.9 feet tall which her legs are more than 50 inches, who put her in among the women with the world longest legs. She had a quite challenging life when growing up but finally been able to accept her natural beauty and cherish it.

"Good Things Comes In Tall Package" says Renny about herself. The 29years old Renny boasts some of the longest legs in the world which measure at 53 inches (134.5cm). Finding skirt and trouser that is suitable for her is quite uphill battle for her, Renny currently lives in Chicago in US but originally from Mongolia.

Renny used to be quite self-conscious about her height in childhood she wasn't happy about the way she looks but this feeling was eventually replaced with self-confidence as she grew older. Today the girl embrace her beauty and like to enhance it by wearing high heels, Renny inherited her tall genes from her parents, her father his 6.10 feet and her mother is 6.1 feet, she says such height bring both advantage and disadvantage.

And Ekaterina Lisina From Russia who holds the Guinness world record for having the longest pairs of legs in the world.

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