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5 Tips on Minimalist Fashion

Simplicity is a major rule for fashion minimalists. With a minimalist style, you should have a single goal of being basic. Simple is classy, they say. Keep reading for tips on minimalist fashion. 

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1. Minimalism is all about having the necessary fashion items and nothing more. You have to create a capsule wardrobe full of essentials and no extra. Get a couple of plain clothing items, this will help you have a limitless range of things to wear. 

2. Get basic pieces. Go for T-shirts, sweaters, black jeans, flats, white sneakers, and other fashion items that can be matched easily. 

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3. Mix shapes together. While you do not need items with extra frills, ruffles or embroidery; you should get items of different shapes. For instance, you could match a box cut top with straight trousers and a nice pair of white sneakers. Also, go for shift dresses and A-line skirts. Having items of different shapes enable you to mix and match the items to create distinct looks. 

4. Layering is key in minimalist fashion. To get the best out of this look, have enough tank tops and camisoles. Likewise, get plain jackets and costs. 

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5. Do not be afraid to add some colour to your minimalist wardrobe. Although it is crucial to have items in black, white, grey and other dark hues; a little pop of colour wouldn't hurt. For the perfect minimalist look, pair a coloured T-shirt with a dark hue pair of trousers and sneakers. 

In all you do, go for quality items. The goal of minimalism is to save cost and still look fashionable. Ensure you buy durable items that will last. 

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