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Classy And Vibrant Prints You Can Use To Style Your Bubu gown.

As a mother, dressing up in a cool Bubu gown will make you look very classy, stunning and elegant all the time. The Bubu gown is a very stylish and can be styled with various materials such as lace, organza, chiffon, satin Ankara, Velvet and so on.

In this article, I we will be taking a look at some classy and vibrant prints you can to style your Bubu gown.

1. Polka dot print

Polka dot is a popular prints that can be styled into many outfits. It can also be used to sew the Bub out I order to make it look tasteful and vibrant in appearance, just like the styles displayed here.

2. Strip print

Another stunning and unique print your Bub gown can take is the strip print. For a very pretty and fascinating outfit style, you can choose to sew the multi coloured stripped print, or you can go for the black and white print if you are looking for something simple.

3. Floral print

It is uncontroversial fact that floral outfits are beautiful just like flower it's self. For your Bubu gown to stand out in the crowd of many, you must choose a vibrant print and the Floral print topped the list.

4. Leopard skin print

Leapard skin print is a creatively patterned outfits with bold and dearing print. Your outfit print don't neccesserily need to be brown, it can take other unique colours.

5. Polka dot and strip mix

Polka dot and Strip mix and match is a combination outfit, where by both prints are joined vertically in a classic pattern, style and colour. You can choose any of these Bubu styles below as an inspiration.

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Ankara Bubu Velvet


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