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Who Wore it Better? See Hilariously Pictures of Similar Things, That Will Make You Laugh

In the world we live in today there are many uncanny look-alikes we have out there,when we look at it a bit, it seems the world has ran out of ideas, but we know better . Your doppelganger doesn't have to be a person, you might even end up looking like a very random fruit or even look like your pet!

I know you guys love funny look-alikes because I've posted about them before. Keep your eyes out for unexpected and funny coincidences! Yes, it is everywhere in you day to day activities.

With that being said; I present you this stellar collection of hilariously similar things that will surely make you laugh;

When a German Shepherd looks like a kangaroo

This fruits looks like parrots

Doesn't his abs looks like buns of breads lol I know right.

This lady wore a outfit that looks like an oyster credit card

When you think your socks is rare

The coincidence

The human Barbie

Isn't this so cute?

Who wore it better?

This adorable baby and this cute cat


The semblance

Another one

Hehe when your dress looks like a tea can

Horror movie fans can realate

You can imagine

The similarities between this dog and this towel

Do you remember the Disney animation "Up"?

Noodles Hair

This apple that looks like an owl

I just couldn't help laughing alone to this

Can you identify the real and the stuffed toy?

This owl looking like a siblings to bunch of cats

Here is the real Felix cat

The resemblance is epic

I just had to add this again

This dog feeling like a god

Can you believe this is a cat and a turkey?

Who wore it better among this ladies and this sofa?

Funny I know right

Which is real and which is fake?

See nice haircut

A nice cosplay

When you ought to be in class learning

Can you imagine

This is so funny

When your snacks looks like a sloth

Firefox and firedog

Now I know you're still laughing at this lovely collection, please don't forget to like, follow and share thanks.

Content created and supplied by: Freddy's (via Opera News )

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