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Special designs photos: 2020 Statement Ankara styles for ladies

We all have those ankara styles that are a little too extra, thanks to the extensive graphics work on them. We know those ankara look quite cool, but unless you are going to attend a concert, we recommend you steer clear of it.

Having a lot of graphics on your ankara clothes can make you look disorderly as opposed to the neat and classy look that solid colors can give you. If you want to incorporate graphics, go for simple graphics. Simple graphics can tone down your look and make you look polished.

You can try one of these beautiful ankara styles for a cool and refined look.

Yes, you really have to let go of these shorts ankara gown that go a little below your knees. The reason, you may ask? These ankara shorts gowns only make you look shorter and do nothing else. Shorts are great, but only when you pick out the right types.

Get long gowns that cover half of your knee cap or goes a little lower. Do not go for very short shorts since that kills the vibe too. Above-the-knee ankara shorts show a small portion of your lower legs, leaving a very small gap between the shorts and the footwear. This gives an illusion of short height.

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