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How To Combine Damask Blouse And Wrappers

Wrappers usually add beauty and elegance to native outfits. In the olden days, our mothers tied wrappers to village meetings, festivals, ceremonies, and rituals.

During the last decade, so many young ladies didn't accept wrappers, but in this twenty-first century, our young ladies have developed so many styles and methods of combining Damask gowns with wrappers.

Here are some ways to look very beautiful when you combine a damask blouse with a wrapper:

1. Tie the wrapper directly on top of your damask blouse; this method is usually appropriate for ladies with large tummies; the wrapper will help to suppress the protruding Belle, giving the lady the desired shape.

2. Wear a wrapper that is completely different from the Damask bluose; this will give you a distinct look; for example, you could wear a black blouse with a white wrapper.

3. Wrapper and damask gown combined with a head wrap; This is the oldest of all styles, dating back to time immemorial.


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