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Check out some amazing and weird facts you never knew about your body

1. Did you know that ear wax is a type of sweat?

2. The human brain is sometimes more active when you are asleep than when you are awake

3. The human tongue has about 8000 taste buds, each with up to 100 cells!

4. The amount of salt in your blood is equivalent to the amount of salt in an ocean, unbelievable right?

5. Just like finger prints, every human has a unique tongue print.

6. Babies don't she'd tears till they are 1 month old, I never noticed!

7. The human ears never stop growing

8. Your mouth make up to 1 litre of spit each day

9. Human being are the only animals that cry when they are sad

10. Finally, did you know that your nose can recognize over a trillion scents?!


Did you know the amount of folds in your brain determines how intelligent you are? I can imagine how Albert Einstein's brain would look like

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Albert Einstein


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