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3 Traditional Styles That Require The Use Of Beads In Order To Appear Classy

Beads are known for their ability to transform the appearance of women, mostly when worn with good clothes.

Clothes, on the other hand, also need to be combined with some beauty accessories like beads in order to look nice.

I'll give you five traditional styles that require beads in order to look very attractive.

1. wrapper and blouse; traditionally, this is one of the most popular native styles we have.They are usually worn with red beads. This style can be worn during traditional marriages, chieftaincy title coronations, etc.


2. Simple gowns; this style also necessitates the use of beads, which should be the same color as your gown. order to step up your beauty, you can also wear some beads on your wrists and ankles. Gowns could either be short or long. 


. 3. Puffed sleeves; these are also worn for traditional occasions and look great with local beads.These puffed sleeves must be well sewn by the tailor before they will look good with the beads.

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