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For your next interview with a recruiter, here are the 46 mistakes to avoid

The job search is long and difficult, it requires a well thought out and relevant strategy with your potential, and the respect of certain unwritten rules, to avoid committing errors, blunders, errors of convenience. If you question a headhunter, he will tell you anecdotes as funny as they are aberrant, of incongruous behavior, unacceptable words, or lack of good manners.

Mistakes that often turn out to be eliminator

Here are the most common job interview mistakes to avoid, whether you are a beginner, recent graduate or seasoned executive. These mistakes often turn out to be eliminator - a company does not recruit only a skill or knowledge, but also a woman and a man who behaves in society - are most of the time to be blamed on stress and emotionality. On reading these errors may seem exaggerated to you, yet they are often made by quality professionals who during this moment of sharp emotion lose control of their emotions, and forget very basic rules. For your information, discover the worst and most common mistakes to avoid in job interviews.

1 - Arrive late

2 - Arrive too early

3 - To be perfumed like an ashtray

4 - To criticize your former boss

5 - To inflate your CV, to say more than you know how to do

6 - To wear clothes out of line with the dress code of the company or the sector

7 - To forget the name of the person receiving you

8 - Wrap yourself in a cloud of perfume

9 - Wear sunglasses

10 - Keep a Bluetooth headset

11 - Show little enthusiasm

12 - Show too much enthusiasm

13 - Find out about the advantages at the start of the interview

14 - Talk about your salary requirements very early

15 - Being unable to explain how your strengths and skills meet the job requirements

16 - Read your CV to answer questions

17 - Not remembering what is marked in your CV

18 - Do not ask questions

19 - Ask too many questions

20 - Ask your interviewer if they have questions

21 - Poorly answer standard questions (predictable)

22 - Not listening attentively to the other party

23 - Talking more than half the time

24 - Interrupt your interlocutor

25 - Do not adapt to your communication style

26 - Yawn and wallow

27 - Sneer and criticize

28 - Chew gum or a pen

29 - Bite your nails

30 - Laugh, whistle, blow, smack lips and tongue

31 - Truffle your speech with verbal tics

32 - Bragging yourself, being a “know-it-all”

33 - Being excessively modest

34 - Shaking hands loosely or too firmly (except in times of health crisis)

35 - Fleeing the gaze of the interlocutor

36 - Fixing him in eyes insistently

37 - Sit down before him

38 - Show you angry, irritated or defensive

39 - Complain that you waited

40 - Complain about everything

41 - Speak vulgarly

42 - Show your misfortunes and make you feel sorry

43 - Being too familiar

44 - Checking your watch as if you're in a hurry

45 - Pouring out your fate as a job seeker

46 - Letting your phone ring

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