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Fashion Mood Boards For Men Of Style

What is a fashion mood board? Simply put, a fashion mood board is an inspiration board that highlights a collection of fashion outfits you love and would love to try. Some decades before now, fashion boards could only be gotten from magazines, newspapers and style catalogues but now that we have the internet, a mood board can be created both physically and digitally. 

Mood Boards are a helpful way to help you identify and create your interest or style. You could even use it as a guide to planning your wedding or a friend or sibling’s wedding outfit. If you’re a male fashion designer, it’s also a good way to keep your fashion goals and jobs on track.

Mood boards help you reduce the tendency to buy impulsively since you have a collection of things you like already and have in mind to shop already. 

Some tips to help you create a mood board in other to build your style are :

1. Collect images of outfits that speak to you or resonates with your preferences.

This will require you to take a lot of screenshots or pictures as you walk along the street, surf the net, watch TV or movies, chat in groups and with individuals, work at the office, sell at your business store or learn in class. This may sound weird but it is a great step to take in building a personal style for yourself. 

2. Create a collage and print if you can

Because of the numerous places, you may find ideas, locating them on your phone each time you need them may be stressful. It is easier therefore to create a collage of those images as you capture them, print them if possible then paste them in some locations in your bedroom or study (if you have one), that way, they remain in your face and stick more to your brain.

3. Look for patterns that recur in your collection

As you study your collections closely you will notice some certain styles and colours are dominant, those may be a pointer to who you are or what you’d love to express as your style. Pay attention to them and collect them separately. You can use them as a wardrobe guide for yourself.

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