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Don't Take This Dress To Your Tailor It Will End In Tears: See People Reactions To Ebuka Dress

Don't take this dress to your tailor it will end in tears: see people reactions to Ebuka dress

Some people have this natural, good looking physique that anything they wear will always fit there body structure, be it cooperate, casual or even traditional (native wear). 

Tonight officially signified the start of the fifth season of BBNaija show and Ebuka gave us two interesting looks. We all know that when it comes to fashion and wearing sophisticated clothes Ebuka is a top notch in that level.

See pictures of Ebuka dresses. Don't take this to your tailors, it will end in tears.

Some poeple are fond of screenshotting dresses mostly when seen on a celebrity, not minding that not all tailors can make that same dress, they will still screenshot it and take it to the tailors but believe me it will end in tears. 

Don't take this dress to your tailors because it will end in tears, see peoples reactions to Ebuka dress.

Looking at this dress you will know that it is an expensive dress, but some individuals will take it to a tailor to create same dress for them, believe me it will end in tears. Better sew what you know your tailors can handle. Don't go and give them this style because Ebuka wore it.

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