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Early Age White/Grey Hair: Causes and Ways To Prevent It

Premature greying is defined as loss of hair pigment that occurs before the age of 20 in caucasian people, before the age of 25 in Asian people and before the age of 30 in African people, according to a June 2017 review in ​Pigment International​. Everyone wants to look young, even as we grow old, we still want to have that sweet sixteen look, but for some people, the appearance of grey hair at an early age can be. In this article, we look at some common causes of prematurely white hair, along with ways to slow the greying process down or prevent it, in some instances.

Thyroid Disorder; While it's not very common, premature greying may be linked to other medical conditions. Thyroid disorders, early ageing syndromes or medication side effects can cause loss of hair pigment, per an August 2013 review in the ​Indian Journal of Dermatology, Venerology and Leprology​. Thyroid disorder, which is sometimes associated with hair loss, has also been linked with premature greying.

Smoking; If you need another reason to stop smoking, know that it's associated with premature ageing, which includes going grey. There appears to be a connection between smoking and the onset of grey hair before the age of 30, per one April 2013 study in the ​Indian Dermatology Online Journal​.

Vitamin deficiencies; Vitamin B-12 is the big boss of vitamins. It not only gives you energy but also contributes to hair growth and hair colour. B-12 helps healthy red blood cells carry oxygen to the other cells in your body, which you guessed includes your hair cells. A lack of B-12 can mess with melanin production, leading to loss of pigment that causes your hair colour to change to grey.

Ways To Prevent and Slow the Greying Process Down

Quitting smoking; Smoking has adverse effects on the body and contributes to white hair. And researchers have found a link between the habit and loss of hair pigmentation.

Eat Vitamin B-12 Rich Foods; Anyone who has white hair resulting from a vitamin deficiency should consume more foods loaded with those vitamins. For example, seafood, eggs, and meats are good sources of vitamin B-12, and milk, salmon, and cheese are excellent sources of vitamin D.

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