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See creature you never knew existed

If you think you have seen all the creatures in the world, you should check out these 8 creatures that people didn't know existed in the world.

These creatures may look disgusting but you should check them out

1. Red-lipped Batfish

This creature is known for its red lips. It's a fish that looks like a bat. That's why it's called red-lipped batfish

2. Goblin Shark

This creature is very dangerous and also hard to look at. They have very sharp teeth but not like that of an actual shark

3. Panda ant

These creatures are known for their painful and sharp bite. They posses the skin of a panda

4. Penis snake

This creature looks like the shape of a penis. They are wierd creatures with no eyes to see

5. Venezuelan Poodle Moth

6. Shoebill

7. Indian purple frog

This creature is very fat and looks disgusting. They are mostly gotten from india

8. Okapi

This creature has a zebra's spot at it's leg region. They say it is from a giraffe background

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Goblin Shark Okapi Penis Shoebill Venezuelan Poodle Moth


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