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8 Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair


Removal of unwanted body hair can be achieved by several methods, including over-the-counter treatments and treatments done by doctors.

Why does someone have excess hair? Or what are the causes of excess unwanted hair

Unwanted hair is usually at the upper lip, chin, cheeks, back, legs, lower abdomen, fingers, bikini line, feet, and toes. Excess unwanted hair in these locations of the body may be caused by a number of factors, including

  • Genetics
  • Some medications such as hormones or steroids
  • Medical abnormalities, for instance higher androgen (male hormone) levels
  • Conditions of the endocrine system, like the polycystic ovarian syndrome

How can I remove unwanted hair?

There are several ways to remove your unwanted hair which include; over-the-counter methods and those administered under a doctor’s care. Though with most of these methods, the hair eventually grows back but the time of re-growth differs with different methods.

1. Shaving

Shaving involves the removal of hair to just below the surface of the skin. It does not cause the hair to grow back thicker. How frequent you shave is determined by the rate of which individual hair grows back.

In the re-growth stage, the shaved parts may have a rough texture. This method of hair removal is appropriate for almost all body areas.

The risks involved include: skin irritation, ingrown hairs, the spread of viral warts, or superficial infection after cuts.

2. Plucking

Plucking process is performed using tweezers or thin threads known as “threading.” It is not expensive and it is a safe method of hair removal for smaller hair-bearing areas.

Plucking can most times be uncomfortable and time consuming but can be worthwhile for the few hairs you would want to remove on the eyebrows or face. Plucked hairs can take up at least 6-8 weeks to re-grow. This hair removal method is not appropriate for large areas because it can cause ingrown hairs or scarring.

3. Depilation

Depilation is the process of dissolving the hair shaft with the use of a chemical substance. Hair removal creams do not cause pain and fast-acting. They are usually effective after a bath or a shower and should not be applied over small cuts or sunburned skin. Grow-back of hair usually occurs in an average of 2 weeks. One needs to be extremely careful when selecting hair removal creams over-the-counter as some are produced specifically for unwanted pubic hair and others can be for facial hair.

The risks involved include: superficial chemical burns or allergic reactionsUsing a small portion of your skin for a test is much more advisable before starting the general use of any hair removal cream on your skin.


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