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Do You Want To Have A Glowing Skin? Check Out These 3 Skin Care Routines From These Celebs

If there is something to learn from female celebrities, then, it is there skin care routine, since it has left most of them with a younger, glowing and radiant skin.

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However, among such celebs, that shared their ideal skin care routine online (as adviced by a dermatologist), are American singers and actress, Jennifer Lawrence, Alicia Keys and Brandy. Note that these tips will serve as a guide, towards achieving our ideal skin and also to prevent certain skin conditions, take a look at them.

1. Always Protect The Skin From Harmful Rays

According to Jennifer Lawrence, she uses daily sunscreen, which work to naturally safeguard skin from harmful rays from the sun. The 31years old also gets microdermabrasion treatments, once every month. Note that; Microdermabrasion treatments help to reduce sun damage and discoloration, among many others.

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2. Regularly Exfoliate The Skin-Removal of dead cells

Another celebrity and brand owner (Key Soul Care) that offered her skin care routine to her fans is Alicia keys.

In an Instagram post, Keys shared a picture of herself with 'The Energizing Dry Body Brush,' this centuries-old beauty ritual, it's a basic type of exfoliation that uses a "dry, stiff-bristled brush" to flake away old skin cells and open the pores for moisturization.

It is recommended to brush once a week for a few minutes, only using soft pressure, as soon as you're finished, make sure you slather on a moisturizing body lotion.

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3. General Care For The Skin

In an interview with Glamour, singer and actress Brandy, shared her secret or rather her skincare routine to the publication, following the basic order of dermatologists;

These ranges from removing makeup as soon as you are home with wipes, so as to remove oil, dirt and pollution that may have free radicals that contribute to cellular damage. Then cleanse and apply an eye cream first, so as to allow the ingredients in the eye cream to better permeate your skin and moisturize.

Photo Credit; Vanguard Allure

Finally, she uses a popular treatment among celebrities, known as 'Vitamin infusion therapy' administered via an IV drip, which aids to maintain a healthy skin and hair.

Note that an IV therapy typically involves a person getting a specific mix of vitamins administered through an IV drip.

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