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Are Your Teeth Yellow? See 6 Foods That Can Help Brighten It And Tooth-staining Foods To Avoid

Teeth are one of the vital structures within the human body which allows for cutting, mixing, and grinding of ingested food. It plays an important role in digestion and healthy teeth are essential, just like a healthy body. While keeping the teeth and the gum healthy is essential, some people want more than healthy teeth; they want white, sparkling teeth, devoid of stains and yellow colourations.

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Although the colour of teeth is naturally designed to be whitish, certain lifestyle choices often lead to the yellowing of teeth. Some of the factors that often contribute to teeth discolouration include food, drinking wine, tea, coffee or smoking. While some foods can indeed cause staining and yellowing of teeth, some other foods are known to possess the natural ability to whiten teeth.

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Some of them are described below:

1. Pineapples

Bromelain, an enzyme found in pineapples helps to remove the bacterial film that accumulates on the surface of your teeth.

2. Strawberries

Don't be deceived by the red colour of strawberries as they contain malic acid, an essential acid that helps to remove surface discolouration of teeth.

3. Broccoli

Broccoli has a high iron content which helps to coat your tooth enamel and prevent stains, infestation by harmful bacteria and acid erosion.

4. Apples

Apples possess a natural abrasive-luke scrub which helps to clean your teeth as you eat them. They also contain malic acid which helps remove and prevent tooth stains.

5. Oranges

Orange peel contains vitamin C variants that are known to help promote teeth whitening. The white, inner part of the peel can be rubbed across the surface of your teeth for this purpose.

6. Seeds and nuts

Seeds and nuts often work as teeth exfoliant but you can also strip stains from your tooth enamel by making use of the abrasive texture of nuts such as walnuts, cashew, and almonds.

Some of the common tooth-staining foods and drinks you should avoid include:

1. Tomato sauce

2. Red wine

3. Tea

4. Coffee

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