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Meet Beau Brummell: the iconic man who invented the popular suit we all wear today, see photos

To all suit lovers around the world.

If you know that you love and adore the two simple yet classic pieces of fabrics that gives you that classic elegance and smartness when you got dressed in a suit without stress or fuss, then applaud and thank Beau Brummell for giving you that touch of elegance and cuteness.

Brief History of Beau Brummell:

Beau Brummell was born on July 7th 1778 in London England. He was the legendary fashion designer who invented the classic English suit worn all over the world from pieces of simple frabrics.

Beau Brummell was tired of the then outdated big coat in Vogue those days and wanted something that will give sleekness and smartness. His passion drove him to study cotton stockings and fashion designing at the prestigious Oxford university to actually his dream.

His breakthrough came in the 1800s when he successfully joined pieces of fabrics together and finally arrived at the suit we all wear today.

See photos of him below:

Beau Brummell however died in March 30th 1840. Despite the recognition and prominence he gathered from his invention. He died in a shabby and shameful way.

Beau Brummell spent his money on philandering, gambling, impulsive buying hither to his death.

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