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Use Of Cockroaches, The Future Of Beauty And Cosmetic World

Most people see cockroach as creepy and disgusting but they don’t know what this disgusting insect have in stock for them. This same cockroach is in some of the beauty and cosmetic product we use every now and then but we don’t even know about this. Yes cockroaches are used to make us look more beautiful.

 Instead of people make research and think about how to harness the values cockroaches has to offer, they are busy finding different ways and techniques to kill it.

Cockroach farming is on the rise especially in Asia, particularly in China. Most Chinese entrepreneurs make thousands of dollars from selling cockroaches to pharmaceutical industries, restaurants and cosmetics specialists. This indicates that cockroaches are not just important for the cosmetics, it is also valuable for human consumption as it is packed with high amount of essential nutrient especially protein. They are also used in pharmaceutical companies as a supplement or additives in making drugs.

When you hear cockroach, don’t think it’s the dirty, disgusting kind of cockroach normally found in some part of African country, No! No! No! This is a very clean one and well feed with clean and good food and not those in the toilet eating rubbish.

Nevertheless, some studies have it that extracts from cockroaches helps fights aging. It is said that the use of fluid squeezed out from roaches keeps the face ever young. In ancient days, most prominent Chinese dignitaries such as princesses, prince, kings and queens use this method to keep their looks in order.

In recent time, they are now used in beauty products such as masks, facial creams among a variety of other products; because of its high protein content they are often used as filler for most beauty companies

It seems it doesn’t just stop at adding beauty to the face and body; they are also used for regeneration of hair for people having hair loss or bald hair. This is quite amazing

If you were told randomly that cockroach has such values you wouldn’t have believed because we are already blinded with disgust and nuisance nature especially here in Nigeria.

But I’m here to change that mindset; it’s possible for us to also open a cockroach farm here in Nigeria and make cockroach rearing clean and worth looking at. Millions can as well be made from it as it doesn’t require too much capital to start or maintain.

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