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Why you should wear socks to bed: Other sleeping tips you should know

Why you should wear socks to bed: Other sleeping tips you should know

After a long day of the daily hustling and bustling, it's finally time to sleep. However, most people find it hard to fall asleep. The ones the fall asleep find it hard to stay asleep.

Well, this article will help you with the best tips to enjoy your sleep.

1. Get sleep inducing plants. That is, keep sleep inducing plants in your room. There are a lot of plants that are known to help with sleep, but 3 of the most popular are Lavender, Jazmine and Aloe Vera.

Benefits: These three plants amongst many helps slow your heart beat, lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety, thereby, making you Fall asleep easily. Aloe Vera in particular is very good at releasing good clean oxygen to the air, so when in your room, you'll be sure to breath good and clean air which in turn will ease you into a good sleep. While lavender and Jazmine both smell wonderful which will induce peace of mind and relaxation.

2. Don't wear jewelries, buttons, snaps or zippers to sleep. Yeah, those extra stylish sleep wears might make you look fashionable but they can potentially irritate your skin. Plus sleeping with buttons or and other object pressing on your skin may disrupt that good night rest.

3. Using sleep masks and/or ear blocks. Sleep masks will block out any light and ear blocks will block out any sound. A dark and soundless rest will give you your best sleep. According to science, covering the ears and eyes while sleeping will increase the brain's melatonin level. Melatonin are sleep inducing hormones found in your brain.

4. Wear socks while sleeping. Wearing socks helps you sleep better. Keeping your feet warm helps you fall asleep faster and helps you stay asleep for long. It also helps for circulation too. Warm feet keeps your blood vessels open - open blood vessels tells your brain that it's time for sleep and distributes heat to the rest of your body to help you sleep comfortably.

Plus it also shuns the risk of spiders crawling up on your feet.

5. Do not wear tight clothes. Tight clothes isn't good for sleeping purpose. Do away with clothes like leggings, sweat pants, or anything made of pressure material and/or tight elastic. Tight clothings isn't good for blood circulation and may cause you to sweat. So, when going for a night wear shopping, keep it simple.

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