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5 Types of Styles that Can Conceal a Belly Bulge

Most women worry about their mid-sections a lot especially if they do not have a flat tummy. This can be concerning and it makes it a lot difficult to find clothes that can conceal that unwanted bulge. As fashion evolves, a lot of people’s personal styles are put into consideration, so there are a lot of outfits that you can wear to hide that uncomfortable part of your body.

Some dresses can certainly be unforgiving when it comes to hiding the belly region. Whether you’re looking for a formal belly-hiding dress or a day dress that flatters the tummy area, you will find plenty of options and ideas below;

1. Wear loose-fitting clothes: Tight clothes only highlight the imperfections of your shape. It's better to wear layers without highlighting the waist and the hips. They don't have to be too big, loose enough to take attention away from the problem area.


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2. Wear clothes with Vertical lines/stripes: When you wear clothes with lines, it takes attention away from the bulge to the stripes and partially disguises the outline of that region. They also make you look taller and more fit but wide stripes can make you visually bigger, so choose clothes with narrow and frequent stripes.


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3. Highlight a different part of your body: switch attention to the breast, chest region but this is not saying you should bare your breasts in trying to do so. You can also decide to show your legs as an alternative to your breasts. 

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4. Wear a Trapeze dress: A great way to hide the belly is to wear a trapezoidal dress without any tight spots. High-waisted dresses are a good option too. This way, you can wear more than just dark dresses, but you can wear more interesting things as well.


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 It is important to be comfortable and love your body in whatever state it is at the moment. You can also decide to wear a shapewear if you're not confident or comfortable.

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