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How To Spritz Your Fragrance In 5 Different Ways

Since wearing fragrance is an art, there are many tactics on how, when and where you should spray your fragrance depending on your skin type and the olfactory impression you wish to achieve.

In order to have a scent that'll make you happy, below are ways on how to spritz your fragrance:

No. 1: After showering, spritz.

Apply your perfume shortly after you shower, when your skin is still damp, if you have really dry skin. This is because fragrance dissipates more quickly on dry skin, the increased moisture will help your skin absorb and lock in more fragrance.

No. 2: After applying body lotion, spritz.

Apply a body lotion first, then spray your fragrance if you want it to linger longer.

Moisturizer can aid to attach fragrance to your skin by acting as a "primer" for it. To amp up the perfume, apply a similar scented hydrator on top. You can choose an unscented body lotion that won't clash with your perfume.

No. 3: Spritz the pulse spots on your body.

Concentrate on your pulse points to bring out the fragrance. These are the places on your body where you can feel your heartbeat and where you generate more body heat than other regions of your body, which helps to activate and distribute the scent throughout the day.

The nape of your neck, the insides of your wrists and elbows, and behind your knees are all important pulse spots.

#4: Spritz a fine mist onto the air.

Don't want to make a large impact with your scent? If you want to be more delicate, go for a more delicate application. Spray your fragrance in front of you, then walk through the mist to scent your garments softly.

No. 5: Spritz your hairbrush with hairspray.

Apply scent to your hair to leave a long-lasting scent. If you have medium to long hair, this will work best because every hair swing will create a slight, yet memorable, lingering scent trail. Spray your hairbrush, then run it through your hair, rather than applying directly to your hair (the alcohol element in your fragrance can dry out your scalp).

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