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Meet Mother and daughter who look very much alike, despite 30 years age gap. (Photos)

The apple does not fall far away from the tree, so goes the popular saying. But in the case of this mother and daughter, the apple refused to fall from the tree, it stayed permanently on the tree instead. The mother and daughter look so much alike that people could hardly tell the difference.

Cher who is 30 years old, is the splitting image of her mother, Dawn Hubsher who is 60 years old. According to Cher, people always see them as sisters, despite the huge 30 years gap between them. Relatives, including her husband sometimes finds it hard to tell the difference between herself and her mother, Cher said. Both mother and daughter lives in Florida.

Looking at the pictures, one might mistake the mother and daughter for blood sisters. In fact, personally I am still having some doubts in my mind that these two aren't sisters or cousins. The mother looks so young, one might think the 60 year old has found the fountain of youth. The daughter, Cher, said she used to feel awkward as a teenager when people tell her that her mum looks too young, and didn't look like a regular mum.

But now that she has grown, she sees her mother's youthful looks as a thing of pride, and that they sometimes wear outfits of the same colour. According to her, this resemblance has strengthened the bond between her and her mother.

Her mother attributes her youthful looks to regular exercise, and a healthy plant based diet. Dawn who is 60, says her daughter keeps her up to date with the latest trends, including fashion.

Age is nothing but a number. There are so many people that have been blessed with youthful looks, they don't look as old as their real age. Well I guess it's time for me to start some gym sessions, hopefully I will end up with such a beautiful and youthful body.

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