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14 Pieces Of Advice To Survive A Whole Day Wearing High Heels

As the year is coming to an end, you will agree with me that weddings and other social events are popular throughout this lovely season. Light clothing and stunning high heels are required for these exciting activities.

Although high-heeled shoes make your legs look longer and more elegant, they're hardly your allies because they're literally killing you most of the time – especially by the end of the night. Your only wish is often to have all of the misery end as soon as possible.

Interestingly, this article has compiled a list of high heel survival tips that may allow you to wear your favorite pumps anytime you want without experiencing pain.

1. Freeze your high-heeled shoes.

Freeze your heels for at least 30 minutes. You'll notice how the cloth adjusts to the shape of your warm feet when you put your cold shoes on. You might also try putting a bag of water inside the shoes and freezing them. Your shoes will extend slightly as a result of the frozen water.

2. Socks and a bath in hot water

Before breaking in your shoes, soak your cotton socks in hot water and put them on. Wear them for a few minutes before going outside. The shoes will stretch a little and won't bother you as much as they did before.

3. Tape with two sides

Apply tape to the bottom of your foot and the sole of your shoe. This technique will keep your shoes on your feet, but it will also avoid blisters and toe pain.

4. Wear insoles with a high heel.

These small socks, which are usually made of silicone or fabric and are specifically created for insoles, will keep your feet from moving forward in your shoes, decreasing pain and blisters.

If you're wearing open-toed heels, choose a silicone option. Silicone pads are virtually undetectable under your feet while providing the same level of protection.

5. Moisturizing cream

Applying a moisturizing balm to your feet before slipping on those killer heels could prevent irritation, soreness, and blisters, particularly if the shoes are new and tight.

6. talcum or baby powder

Try this trick on a pair of high heels if you have baby powder on hand. It will reduce chafing and possible injury by preventing excessive sweating and slippage.

7. Toe tape (adhesive tape)

To reduce further pressure on the nerve between those two toes that produces pain, just tape the third and fourth toes together with adhesive tape.

8. Don't take your shoes off.

Taking off your heels, even if they are killing you, is a horrible idea. For a little while, you'll be relieved, but your feet will most likely swell, making putting them back on even more painful.

9. At home, put on your heels.

If your heels are fresh and tight, break them in at home for at least one week before wearing them out. You will become accustomed to your shoes and they may extend slightly as a result.

10. Deodorant

Apply some roll-on or stick deodorant to the regions of contact before putting the shoes on to avoid chafing and irritation.

11. Don't give up!

Even if you're in a lot of pain, try to get out and walk every now and again. Standing stationary in high heels will exacerbate your discomfort. You can also take a break and sit down, but don't remove your shoes.

12. Don't forget to take care of your feet.

If you have cracked heels, hard skin, or calluses, wearing high-heeled shoes will only exacerbate the situation and bring you more agony. As a result, taking appropriate care of your feet is essential.

13. Select the appropriate heel.

Don't buy stiletto heels that are too high for you if you've never tried these types of shoes before. They may appear daring, but they will just hurt your feet. Instead, choose a larger heel with fewer inches. You can also choose for wedges or shoes with a slight platform in the front.

14. Emergency kit

Keep a few adhesive bandages and other blister treatment solutions in your purse if you're not sure how comfy your new heels will be. They'll save the night if your shoes start to bother you.

Do you have any additional helpful hints for making women's lives easier when wearing heels? If they aren't on our list, please share them in the comment section and also share this article with other ladies.

Content created and supplied by: Longsonkev (via Opera News )


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