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Funny Memes of Different kinds of Barber's you will see in Nigeria.

There are different kinds of people, organizations, associations, businesses and so on in Nigeria with their character and behavior. Everybody try to engage him or herself in doing one or two things not to be idle, if you are not going to school go to work if you are not work you try and learn a apprentice program or work.

In Nigeria now we now have a lot of apprentice program or work that people engage themselves.some of them are:

Fashion designer

Shoe maker

Hair dresser





Phone and laptop engineer



Contractor and so on.

 I want to talk about the Barbers with there character, behavior and attitude towards their work and customers. Some barbers are so proud and arrogant they will be behaving as if they were born and brought up in the United Kingdom but they haven't left their house and Nigeria.

Some of them have turned their workshop to draft and ludo game center.. can't wait to see this

. they turn clipper to remote controlna just to showcasewatin happen how many hair dey the headi dont know what he is looking foruseless fellow na my hair you wan use do practiseskin dodono be fight noweconomizing no go kill youchoice no deyi offend you before nithe more you enjor service the more you payolojukokoroi can't come and diewe be all round na inside blood e deymarketing strategena conductor he suppose dogba yi omo iya mione road no enter market

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