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(Pictures) Gele styles that will make you look like a queen everywhere you go

Recently ‘Gele’ tying now lucrative business around most African countries especially in Nigeria.

It is generally accepted that a typical dressy traditional African woman is not complete without a headgear, which is popularly known in Nigeria as: “Gele.”

As such, tying Gele has lately become one of the most popular fashion accessories for women of different ages.The gele is wrapped or moulded into a specific shape on the head. Gele is usually made out of heavy or stiff fabric.The most common fabrics include sego, aso-oke, ankara, damask and brocade, as they are stiff enough to hold together and flexible at the same time.

Stoning, beading and sequencing are ways to accessorise gele depending on an individual’s fantasy and taste, to make the gele unique, richer and brighter.The most likely places one can see women in gele are society weddings/engagement parties, chieftaincy title parties, house-warming ceremonies, churches and parties generally, it is worn as a matching piece.

Innovation is being introduced to the tying of the traditional headgear, which has been changing the definition of Nigerian fashion.

Infact, to attend a party without a gele will be considered a fashion faux pas.

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