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3 Types of bra every woman should know about

Bra is an essential part of a woman dressing. Most ladies adore wearing of bra because of the comfort they derived from it. Below are 3 types of bra every man should know about.

1. Half vest bra

Half vest bras, is a perfect bra made for yoga, biking, gym and workout. It is also very good for ladies that want to hide the busty nature of their breast by making their chest a little flat. It helps to hold the breast firm and make it comfortable for lady's to participate in sporting activities.

2. Push up bra

A push up bra is designed specifically to lift the breasts up and make the lady's cleavage more visible. It has a well aligned fitted wires and pads that makes it possible to push up the breast towards the center of the chest. In this case, the lady's bust will appear fuller and bigger. The lady's breasts will appear fuller because of the small cushions in the cups.

3. Silicone bra

Silicone bra is a perfect bra for ladies that love to wear backless dress. The bra is without a strap, therefore it is very easy to wear without having any harm on the skin. It also helps to hold the lady's burst firm without altering the natural shape.

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