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Different Ways To Style Your Button-Down Shirt

A button-down shirt is a shirt that can be styled in many ways. Initially, they were designed to be sporty wear making it an informal shirt, over the years, it has evolved to be a formal shirt mostly associated with the work environment and worn as wedding and dinner outfits. 

Let's consider five different ways a button-down shirt can be styled. 

1. Layer over a t-shirt

Every, or at least most, men have a t-shirt they can't seem to part ways with even though it is old. I understand the feeling. Here is a new way to rock your old tee, wear a button-down shirt over it to give it a newer look and help you hold on to your beloved t-shirt. 

2. Tuck in or fly the shirt

You can choose to tuck in your button-down shirt or leave it hanging over your trousers. This is a style that has been and will always be in vogue. Completely buttoning up the chest and sleeve buttons while tucking out, with a pair of chinos or jeans can give a semi-formal look while opening up the first two buttons at the chest area with the sleeves slightly folded up and the hem tucked slightly at the hem with a jean trouser, can give it a bit more casual look. 

3. Wear with waistcoat

You can choose to roll up your sleeves to elbow point and throw a waistcoat over it. The result will be a clean look of a business casual style. 

4. Wear with right pants with suit

Choosing the right trouser and suit s can change the look of the shirt and give clues about the occasion it's worn for. 

5. Wear with a fitted sweater or long sleeve t-shirt

For breezy days, wearing a sweater or a long sleeve t-shirt over your button-down can keep you warm without keeping you out of style or defeating the essence of your shirt. Just be sure you pick the right trouser and foot water that fits the occasion. 

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