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Stop Using Salt Based Body Scrubs, Use Sugar Or Coffee. (Opinion)

Undoubtedly, the beauty world today has come verse in recommended solutions to a better look and appearance.

Body Scrub is never an exception, this is the act or process of using a chemically or naturally engineered mixture the remove the dead cells laying on the outer layer of this skin.

This help reduce skin stiffness, thickening or hardening.

Body Scrubs are of different types and of different constituents.

Salt based scrubs are ideally not safe and never recommended for a sensitive skin type. Infact, salt as we all know is rough and hurts when applied on a wound. Salt based scrubs leaves your body dull and skin flaky when used on the face.

As a result of it coarse nature. Salt based scrubs are capable of leaving cuts on your skin from the consistent scrubbing of the particles.

Quit using Salt based scrubs. They are not medically adviced or recommended for the skin.

Make use of sugar or coffee based body scrubs or face scrubs as the case may be.

Sugar is less corrosive on the skin because it melts more faster than salt and don't not cut the skin. After using a sugar or coffee based scrub the feeling on your face is epic and wonderful.

Sugar scrubs are ideal and specially formulated for sensitive skin type because the are much less abrasive than that of salt. They don't burn on the skin like salt based scrubs.

Sugar based scrubs can be used on the face safely without no side effects.

While people prefer and I suggest coffee based body scrub is because it helps blood circulation and also helps in removing stretch marks and it also has an anti aging properties which gives you a radiant glow on continuous usage.

We know that coffee granules don't dissolve in water which makes them ideal for exfoliating.

From my reviews, I prefer coffee based body scrub as they leave no patches of cuts on the skin unlike that of salt and sugar. But note that sugar is considered more safe than salt.

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