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Smart Ways To Look Expensive On A Budget

Having an expensive taste without enough resources for funding is challenging. You scroll around the internet seeing eye-catching and exotic fashion accessories on celebrities and models. You want them, but you know you can't have them, at least not at the moment. 

What is the solution then since you can't possibly break a bank? Nothing wrong with fancying expensive items, but it demands creativity. The key to dressing expensively is to get innovative and smart. Dressing smartly can't always be about the price tags but the way you wear it. This article will explore some hacks you can employ to look like Tiwa Savage or Kim Kardashian.

Play around with colors

Despite the dull reception an all-black receives, you can style it beautifully. For instance, you can wear a black dress and shoes, then style them with a pair of animal print shoes. Similarly, you can carry an animal print bag and make the rest of your outfit black.

Focus on one detail

When you focus on adding jewelry to another, it can be time-consuming and eventually create a weird look. Instead, if you want a top and trousers, pick a simple and stylish blouse and trousers. Similarly, if you want a dress, try going monochromatic and choose suitable footwear.

Wear a hat

A hat can be the only transformation hack you need to enhance your look. Celebrities have a way of using Accessories to notch up their styles; you should try the same. You may also use a beret-it baseball cap.

Match your shoes and bag

You don't have to look for matching shoes and bags; you only need to blend them to complement the color. For instance, if you wear animal print shoes, you can carry a brown or cream bag.

Don't overexpose

You can expose your skin a little, but not too much. An off-shoulder jumpsuit or a backless dress for dinner is fine. Keep it minimal, and you will look classy.

Iron your clothes

Wrinkled clothes don't look good on anyone, especially not 'the rich.' So, try your best to keep your clothes strengthened.

Keep your shoes in good shape

Even if you don't have expensive collections, you should clean your shoes and polish the leather ones. Also, you may want to avoid graphical shoes.

Content created and supplied by: FemiFashion (via Opera News )


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