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5 Times You Can Ditch Belts And Still Be Fashionable

Belts are an important accessory in every man's wardrobe. Without belts, some outfits are useless. Nonetheless, certain outfits care less about your belts. Yes, even if they help you hold your trousers up and define your waist. Read along as we reveal certain outfits you can wear without caring about your belt.

1. Your jeans waist is a perfect size

As long as it says casual, you can do away with many things. One of them is not wearing a belt as long as your jeans fit you well. However, ensure your shirt can cover up the waist.

2. Jalebi

This long dress originates from Arab countries. Since the dress covers the whole body, you can ditch a belt when wearing your shorts. 

3. Shorts or trousers with loops and band

Some trousers come with both loops and bands for enhanced fitting. If you have these, you are exempted from wearing a band. The producers of these trousers are telling you that you have two options - wear a belt or don't.

4. Suit pants

These days, suit pants can survive without a belt since they usually fit. Also, you can avoid belts with slacks and odd trousers. However, if your suit pant doesn't sit well on your waist, you should consider a belt, else you will spend time adjusting.

5. Suspenders

Red button and clip suspenders for men |

Suspenders used to belt years ago when trousers were high waist and men couldn't use a belt. You cAn still use them now, but never with a belt.

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