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Ladies, Here Are 4 Reasons Why You Should Stop Shaving Your Private Hair

Shaving of the private hair is something most of us do and It feels great to have smooth skin in the nether regions. Not only does it look amazing but also makes our partners go wild with excitement. Shaving off pubic hair is now very common and very few will be ready to accept the fact that it has some negative effects on the body. 

And even though it feels good and pro-pubic hair shavers will vociferously argue that it’s hygienic to do so, shaving hair down there is not the right thing to do due to its effect on the body. 

As a woman, it is advisable you reduce the way you shave your private hair. According to a study, 60% of the women who shave off their pubic hair suffer from one of the other associated complications such as ingrown hair. According to other research, shaving vagina hair can also heighten your likelihood of STIs or sexually transmitted diseases.

Other reasons why you should stop shaving your private hair as a woman include;

1. Pubic hair helps in body temperature regulation

So many people trivialize this vital function of hair which is bad. The hair you have on your body (be it anywhere) has always assisted in governing your body temperature. Your pubic hair has pretty much the same function and the follicles in this region help in the process of sweating. Eliminating them will affect this vital function. 

2. Pubic hair is protective

Another reason why you should not shave your private hair is that they act as a protective shield between your genitals, disease-causing bacteria and other pathogens. By shaving them off, you endanger yourself with potential health problems, and that’s not good. To avoid this, stop shaving your private hair. 

3. Pubic hair is a storehouse of pheromones

Do you know that elimination of pubic hair can also lead to the elimination of pheromones? While your vagina helps in the secretion of pheromones, your pubes are the ones that help conserve them so that they can work their magic on potential mates. If you shave the pubic hair off, you eradicate this amazing storehouse of pheromones that make you more attractive, especially to the ones who matter. As your body sweats, it heightens the production of pheromones, which remain trapped in your pubic hair. And that’s exactly why you should not shave it if you want that date to go wild. This point is very important and you need to adhere to it. 

4. Pubic hair reduces the chances of genital warts

Do genital warts affect your private areas? They are a type of STD symptom that manifests itself in the form of growths or bumps on your skin. White in colour, these can get quite uncomfortable and cause extreme itching. Although caused by HPV or the human papillomavirus, research has shown that your chances of getting them increase considerably if you shave the hair on your nether regions. Stop shaving to avoid this scenario. 


All women should adhere to the tips of this article.

Content created and supplied by: HealthArena (via Opera News )


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