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To Tuck in or Not - When is the Right Time

Remember those times you spent hours in front of your closet deciding whether to tuck in your shirt or not. You have even neglected some clothes because you don’t want to look funny while tucking them in. It is a common situation in every man’s life. A well-tucked-in shirt makes you look smart and charming. Similarly, tucking in the wrong shirt can reveal your naivety about fashion.

Read this article to the end as we discuss the right time to tuck in your shirts.

1. Tuck in shirts with a flat bottom hem

The hem of a cloth is the folded edge at the bottom. If the hem doesn’t have the same length, you should tuck the shirt. However, if you can see a tail at the edge of your shirt, don’t try to tuck your shirt in; shirts like this are meant to be worn freely. Doing the opposite of these two guidelines make you look like a kid.

2. Tuck in your shirt when you have a jacket

It is not proper to have your shirts showing underneath your blazers and jacket. Although people wear it, and it is not a crime, your shirts should remain tucked under any jacket if you want to stay at the top of your fashion game.

3. Polo shirts

A typical polo shirt has an even hem so that it can remain untuck. However, it is not strange to see golfers tucking them in to look smarter. You may do this as well, especially with chino trousers or smart jeans.

4. Sweater

When you wear a sweater alone, you can leave it untucked. When under a jacket or blazers, tuck them in to give you a classy and stylish appearance.

5. Vintage/Hawaiian shirts

Vintage and Hawaiian shirts are mostly worn untucked. No matter how funky you may be feeling, never tuck these shirts in.

6. T-shirts

Don’t tuck these clothing pieces in as they are casual wear. Except you are passing a particular message across, you will be dressing down by pulling them in.

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