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Skin Care

How To Clean A New Ear Piercing

After going through this article, you will no longer be in the category of women who are confused.

Here is how to clean your new ear piercing:

1. Before you clean your new ear piercing directly, it's very important that your hands and your entire ear are very clean so that you don't transmit dirt or bacteria into your open wound.

Use a mild soap, and make sure you avoid any cleansers with perfumes, which can cause irritation to your sensitive skin.

Also, Try to avoid touching your piercings as much as possible. Every time you temper around your pierced area, you can irritate it and make it take a very long time to heal. 

2. Clean with a salt solution; add a table spoon of salt to warm water, being careful not to add too much salt to avoid irritating your skin.Use the salt solution to clean your ear every morning and night.

3. Clean your ear with clean cotton wool or a soft fabric. Using a dirty cloth or cotton wool is wrong because they can transfer germs to your wound.

Make sure you don't over-clean your piercing. Cleaning your new piercing more than twice a day might lead to irritation, which can prolong the healing process longer than necessary.

4. Don't apply anything that is harsh on your ear.

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