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Dress Style


3 easy ways to improve on your fashion sense.

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Fashion goes beyond what we wear. Fashion is the ability to create amazing style from pieces of clothing/material. You should be able to think thoroughly on how best a cloth will look on you, the colour combination, the style and jewelries to match with. Let's take a look at a few easy but simple ways to improving our fashion sense.

1. Colour combination.

The colour combination plays a vital role on your fashion sense. When picking a cloth to wear, pay attention to the colour combination.

This will determine how best you will appear in the public place. If you happen to be someone who doesn't pay attention to colours, you could get it wrong because colour plays an important role when it comes to picking what to wear. For instance: a black plain trouser could be matched with a red, blue, purple or even yellow shirt because black colours are not selective colours.

2. Style of cloth.

Always look out for the style of a cloth and how best it will turn out on you. Don't buy or wear a cloth because it is in Vogue or because it is trending. Buy/wear them because they have great style that meets your requirements and suits your person. When this is considered, it will go a long way in improving your fashion sense.

3. Consider your body type.

When you have known this about yourself, you will always know the type of cloth that fits you and how you will look in them.

Evaluate yourself, have a mental picture of how a particular cloth will look on you before wearing them. If you are someone of the plus size, you shouldn't consider wearing cloths too tight on you, always go for cloths not to tight, cloths free and comfy like the bubu gowns, etc.

Get pictures of fashionable styles from magazines and look out for the one that falls within your size range and recreate them. Same procedure should be applied when shopping for cloths too.

Photo credit// Pinterest

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