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Egg : How To Make Your Face Smooth And Glowing In Just Two Weeks

Today i will be writting an article which i will revalling how important EGG is. 

Egg is a natural food substance which base as protein as well as nutrient, It is also spherical in shape. 

It is produce by the process of laying by some specified animal like Hen, Bird, Lizard etc. 

But the EGG i will revealing Today is an EGG which we use in our daily basi i.e the one we eat which laye by HEN. 

Eggs has so many health benefits to the body, it contains nutrients that the body really needs for body growth such as vitamins, phosphorus, folates, selenium and as seen the picture below Both cooked and raw egg is useful to the body in terms of health and beauty aspect. 

It has skin benefits whereby it smoothens and kills bacteria, it helps in glowing the skin, we use egg whites and also yokes if you wish to. It's a simple local remedy for the dangered skin. 

The process are as follows, to have a smooth and glowing face by using EGG. 

i. Buy your two eggs which will be use.

ii. Get your Bowl, Lylon, and Spoon or Spatula which will be use also. 

iii. Break the two eggs and pour only the white part of the egg while you prevent the yoke from entering into the bowl i.e you will only use the egg whites. 

iv. Mix the white part of the egg inside the Bowl until it foams using the spatula or spoon. 

v. Wash your face and clean it with a wet lukewarm clothe to prepare the face for application use. 

vi. Tight your hands with Lylon. 

vii. Apply the white egg inside the bowl all over the face, prevent your eyes, your eye brows and hairs of the face by using your hands.. 

viii. After appliying it, leave it for some minutes until you notice it is dried on the face may be after 20-30 minutes interval. 

ix. Then after, clean it off with hot lukewarm wet clothes and then apply some cream on the face to see the glowing smiling face if applicable. You can even leave it like that. 

x. Try it at least 3-4 times a week for great effects. 

NOTE : You can also mix it with honey, lemon juice e.t.c. It gives fairer and brighter skin color with same process, adding either of them during mixture but consider normal quantity. 


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