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DIY: How To Accurately Measure Your Shoe Size

Try not to settle for a pair of shoes if you haven't confirmed that it properly fits. E-shopping for shoes could be dangerous because if the shoes don't fit once you receive them, you won't be able to return them, except if that online store has a return policy. In particular, getting an accurate measurement of your feet to work out the dimensions you need to be wearing is very significant. Read on for clear DIY steps on the most proficient method to measure your shoe size. 

How To Measure Shoe Size – A Guide With Sizing Chart

1. Take out a piece of notebook paper. On the off chance that you don't have lined notebook paper, a conventional piece of paper will do. 

2. Place your socked foot or barefoot, depending on how you frequently wear shoes onto the piece of paper. We recommend sitting or squatting, yet not standing. Likewise, make sure you're on a very level surface. 

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3. Employing a pen or pencil, trace your foot outline so you are not leaving any serious markings on your foot and additionally sock. When you're done, it ought to appear as though your foot following is inside a rectangle. 

4. Outline your paper following with straight lines by utilizing a ruler, define a straight boundary on each fringe of your foot: the toes, each side, and therefore the heel. 

Square measure human feet shoe size Royalty Free Vector

5. Take note of the length and width measurements of your foot, after which you presently measure the inches between the 2 parallel lines on either side of your foot: through and through and side to side. Note these two numbers and take away 3/16 of an inch from each number. This is done to make allowance for the little bit of extra space between your foot and therefore the straight lines. 

Once you have the size that is perfect for you, you can visit your neighborhood shoe vendor to get irresistible shoe styles. 

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