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Do you find it difficult to hold a lasting relationship?, check out the 11 things that disgust men.

1. Do not shave or curl hair on different parts of the body.

  Hair on the face, hair under the arms,hair on the legs, for many men, it is a great turn off. If you always expect your guy to keep a clean and well-groomed face, you should do the same for your body.

  2. You wear a lot of makeup.

  People want it naturally, yes, you can apply makeup to further enhance your natural beauty, but if you make it look like a you're a different person, your man will find it disgusting. It will also make him look like you are trying to trick him into your appearance with makeup.

  3. You have no control over your drinks.

  No one likes to take care of a drunk child. So the next time you go out for a night where there is a lot to drink, make sure you have self-control. If you can't handle the things you take, find out how to say no. This is a big turning point for men whenever they see women who are not responsible for managing the use of their substance.

  4. Do not seek to straighten your hair.

  Your man is constantly working so that he can be physically attractive and you should also make the same effort. It is not pleasant to leave the house without piercing or washing your hair. You end up looking like a homeless person.


  5. You act luxury freak and too materialistic.

  Know this: men are always attracted to women who marry in great depths and ingenuity. This is a big turning point for them when women experience the risks of excess and materialism. If you show him that luxurious and luxurious materials will make you happy, then you can be sure that he will cut you.

  6. Do not practice good oral hygiene.

  This can be one of those items that is NOT found to be disgusting. Doing good basic oral hygiene is an unwritten law of human civilization. You can’t expect someone to want to kiss the germs in your mouth. Brush your teeth morning and night and use a small mouthwash every now and then.

  7. You smoke a lot.

  It can be a success. Many men like to smoke on their own and are also comfortable with their wives from time to time. However, for most men who do not smoke, they find this to be a big turning point. Smoking is dangerous and can damage a person's body. To add to this, the smell that attaches to a smoker is far from pleasing.

  8. Use obscene and vulgar language.

  Always keep tact, grace, beauty and poise in your behavior. Men are more attracted to a princess than a farmer. That is why you should stop using bad words every time you speak. Expand your vocabulary and surprise your man with your intellect and intelligence.

  9. Fix a lot of tan.

  It is associated with excessive makeup. Men want their wives to bring out their natural beauty. They do not have to use artificial landscaping methods. Sometimes, if taken in excess, he can get away from the person.

  10. You try very hard to act well.

  You baby talk and do all cute stuffs. You act too poise not to make mistakes, it's so immature. Men do not want their wives to often play incapable damsels when in difficulty. They don’t want their wives to be only pretty cute. They want their women to be strong and independent.

  11. Use too much perfume.

  This can cause headaches. Spraying some sprays should be fine, but not too much. You do not want your perfume to add to your personality.

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