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Meet 81 year old woman with the smallest waist in the world

Don't let my title shock you, she's 81 and actually holds the record for the smallest waist in the world. When I saw this lady's pictures, I was like, Nigerian waist trainers are learning work. This woman has set the record no one may never beat.

Cathie Jung is an 81 year old North Carolina lady. She happens to be fascinated by Victorian style of dressing. Which motivated her to trim her waistline to a size of 15 inches. Damn, that's small. She started wearing corsets when she was 38, making it about 40 years now. According to her,it was never about setting a record, rather dressing appropriately for the Victorian age. Well thanks to her,now I know how people dressed back then.

She admitted to Guinness World records that there are things she can't do because of her tiny waist.

Cathie had been wearing corsets for 23 hours a day for about 40 years. Fingers crossed, let's see who has enough patience to beats this record.

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