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Preparing tumeric face mask for glowing skin

Tumeric is a kitchen flavouring spice, it is bright yellow in colour, and has a unique aroma and flavour.

Well, other than being a kitchen spice with good aroma, tumeric can be used on the skin as a beauty product. You can use it in powder form or as a supplement.

The active ingredient in tumeric that is responsible for tumeric's health benefit is curcumin.

Curcumin is an antioxidant, it is also a natural Anti_inflammatory remedy.curcumin is so strong and effective that it can be used as a weight_loss agent, and immune system supplement, and you can still use tumeric particularly on the skin, the antioxidant in this spice protects the skin from cell damage by the free redicals, it cures inflammations, rash, skin discoloration, removes dark spot and more.

I tried tumeric face mask on my face and it did wonders, will be stating my observation in my next article, in the mean time please leave your comments on what you think or would like me to tell you about tumeric face mask , also in my next article I will tell you the benefits of tumeric face mask, as well as various ways of preparing tumeric face mask, and also different ways of preparing tumeric face mask based on what you want it to do for you.

Pls leave as many comments as you can, I enjoy reading your comments and look forward to replying them.

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