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Twin Sisters: Lauren And Ashley Looking So Cute (Photos)

Twin Sisters: Lauren And Ashley Looking So Cute (Photos)

People love the confidence that twins exhibit simply because they have always had each other to rely on.

I love to watch them enter new, unfamiliar situations with total surety because they are together. I love seeing all the ways that being a twin shapes their personalities, both as an advantage and a disadvantage.

In many cultures, and especially in Nigeria, twins are treated as special children from God. Since there are many ethnic groups in Nigeria, I will only mention a few. The treatments of twins in these tribes are quite similar.

Twins attract a lot of attention from people, as people are always awed by God’s wonder of creating two people alike

Are twins exactly the same?

After all, while huge differences can and do happen with fraternal twins, identical twins are usually exactly that identical in skin, hair and eye color. 

Twins, The Most Precious Gift From God.

Any single word can't explain the joy of a woman when she becomes a mother and the happiness gets multiplied when she becomes a mother of a twin baby. There is a saying that twins are the biggest blessing of the god. It feels really amazing

A fashion and lifestyle aficionado, she and her sister share the Instagram wirkustwins and they both write for their blog Two of a Kind. She and her twin sister, Ashley, grew up in Southern California.

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