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3 Reasons Goat Milk Is Good For Your Skin

You will be like Yuck!! Goat Milk good for your skin, but if only you know the benefits your skin tends to derive from using goat milk on it,the glow and beauty it gives.

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Goat milk has been used for years to soothe sensitive skin , any other type of skin so it can be used on any skin.

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Goat milk has the same pH as the human skin and its does not affect your skin pH value so you are practically safe as we speak.When fighting with general skin diseases like eczema, while many skin care products will only exacerbate these conditions,that not the case with goat milk since it bears the same pH with your skin.

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Goat Milk has a high Latic acid content and thus it means it gives you moisture on your skin constantly, thereby preventing your skin from been dry.

It gives you a major boost in fatty Acids,probiotics and Vitamins that helps repair skin barrier and encourages the growth of normal skin flora while vitamin A helps to gently exfoilates your skin.

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Goat Milk Yuck


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