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Reasons Why Shea Butter Is The Best Solution For A Bleached Skin (Opinion)

In the world today, of course is not a new thing that bleaching has caused more harm than good to our skin daily.

People most especially females in quest of looking good end up destroying their God's gifted beauty by just using toxic creams, lotions and other skin care products.

Yes!, Looking good is abd always has and would remain a good to thing to seek out for but never never bear in mind to temper with your natural Complexion as this remains one of your most unique body attributes.

Today, skin care companies produce creams and other skin care products all in the name as skin brighteners or lighteners. 

Don't be deceived as this is a marketing strategy which in the end poses harm to the final consumers.

Manufacturers end up putting toxic substances in the cause of the production.

Skin lighteners such as hydroquinone, Kojic acid, glutathione and many more are sometimes added.

Let me brief you a little, these aforementioned ingredients are medically advised for people with severe skin trauma which maybe as a result of surgeries scar, accidents or something else and needs to lighten it up to merge with their over all body looks.

Skin care companies disregard this and do the opposite.

Shea butter is and will always be the final and best solution to that bleached body, to restore your popping melanin back.

People who use creams that contains kojic acid find it difficult to go out in the sun, stop it today and give your skin that Shea butter it needs to restore your natural body complexion whether dark, caramel or even if your used to be fair just rub the Shea butter.

Shea butter is indeed rich in vitamin E and what makes it different from the tube vitamin E or Cocoa butter is because, Shea butter will never clog your skin thereby making it acne prone, it will not clog your skin.

It leaves your skin hydrated all day, relieves all itchy feelings on your face and restores your glow.

Some who seek advise at last goes for sun tanning, stop it at once as it gives your dark circles and patches on the face.

The pictures above is an example of a reverse effect of bleaching cream.

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