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What You Should Watch Out For When Dying Your Lace Wig

Your wig lace can be dyed into any color of your choice. Since it's involved normal filaments, you can easily dye your wig without any problem. But you should be careful while applying the dye to avoid loosing your precious lace wig.  

How to Dye a Lace Wig Without Staining the Lace

You can use the dye to change the whole lace, instead of the whole piece. Lace weighs around 1 pound, in this manner you should dye it with either powder dye or fluid dye and 3 gallons (12 liters) of hot water to get the ideal shading results. 

A plastic paint palette, isolated plate, or comparative holder ought to be utilized to store the dyes in independent compartments. Utilizing a clean eyedropper to weaken each tone with 10 drops of warm water. 

How to Dye a Lace Wig Without Staining the Lace

The lace ought to be absorbed warm water for a very long time. When it is dry, wring off the abundance water and roll it in a towel to hold it back from turning out to be excessively wet. 

In your first dye tone, plunge the tip of a fine-tipped paintbrush into it, and gently paint the picked part of lace with that dye tone. Fine subtleties can be accomplished by utilizing the tip of the brush to paint the subtleties. Utilize the tip of the brush to paint the fine subtleties. 

Mind Blowing Method On Coloring Lace Front Wig - Lewigs

Utilize the whole brush in the event that you need to cover a bigger region with a brush. While applying the dye, utilize a cautious touch to try not to stain your skin. Re-dye similar places with one more layer of dye after the main application until you get the ideal tone. 

Recollect that lace retains shading very rapidly, so in case you're restless and use a lot of dye on the double, you might wind up with dull lace. 

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