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Blings: 4 Ways Men of Style Can Shine

When it comes to men wearing bling, it's either they approach it minimally or go overboard. In most cases, younger men tend to do much with their jewelry. Well, we can't blame them. Youthful exuberance is real. With that being said, bling can make you look more classy in an exciting way if you use and style it correctly. Besides, many men have embraced it, and you can take some cues from them.

1. Ring

If you are already married, congratulations! You need no more than just one ring. A man wearing a ring signifies power and high self-esteem. There is no specific rule about which finger your ring should stay, except you are married. However, most men wear it on their left hand on the middle finger.

2. Stones on caps

Another way to add bling to your outfit is to add stones to your native cap. Meanwhile, your native wear must be monochrome for these stones to come out well. You should also use moderate stone, except you are going for a special event where you need to make a statement.

3. Chain

Minimal necklaces suit a lot of native wear, especially the popular senator style. Avoid many shiny necklaces as they may be perceived as fake. Even if it is, its look shouldn't announce it. Similarly, hand chains can appear good on classic men.

If you are wearing one, don't wear it with your wristwatch in the same hand. Also, ensure it matches your wristwatch and any other metal on you. For instance, if you wear a gold wrist chain, your wristwatch, belt buckle, or shoe buckle must be gold.

4. Lapel pins

Although lapel pins are becoming rare these days, some men still wear them. It shows that you are a traditional man. There is nothing bad in this as long as you wear it right. Wear it where the lapel buttonhole is on your suit.

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