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How You Can Get A Trendy Topic That Will Generate You 200K Clicks (Opinion)

The beauty of writing an article lies on how many people it reaches. This does not only apply on opera news platform, it works on all platforms.

Recently, a lot of people complained on how their articles did not have good impression. The truth is that the blame isn't only on the platform, but on the writers too.

Most writers lack the ability to do research and get contents that will gain impression. And that is where the problem start from.

I will be showimg you how you can get a trendy topic without plagiarising anyone.

Always google your information. There are a lot of happenings every day, visit google type key words, i mean the key word you want to work on. For example Fashion. If you type fashion on google, i promise you, you will be loaded with information, you will not need to plagiarise anyone because you would have sourced for yours.

Facebook is another place to get trendy topics. There are groups and community that feed their people with first hand information. You can go and source for what is going on there. Instead of looking for whom to copy, you would have gotten more than enough on your facebook. And if you do not have an account you can create one.

Instagram is the home of the celebrities. If you are the type that love fashion and entertainment, instagram is the best place to be. All you have to do is to create an account and follow a lot of verified celebrities.

These celebrities trends everyday, either a secret is being linked or they create another fashion sense, you will surely see something that revolves around entertainment and fashion.

When you hear twitter what comes to your mind first? It is gossip and latest gist. You can not need a first hand gist without having a twitter account. Even before it reached other plstforms, you would have seen iton twitter.

These social media platforms are not created for fun only, you can get vital information there also. You can to be smart and know what you want.

As a writer, you can not go blank if you are kn social media, because every incident is a write up for you, you must be very creative.

Content created and supplied by: Clara_O (via Opera News )


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