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When You See Any Woman Wearing Chair On Their Legs, This Is The Actual Meaning

The report has shown that, wearing rings on the Fingers, Legs or whatever area of the bodies was a sign of restriction, blocked energy, and which finger or leg the ring is on is significant. 

For example, a wedding ring could be considered in this context, as I have seen pictures of slaves with just a simple anklet to denote their status, such as females in Nigeria.

However, women wearing leg chain have no hidden meaning, it is only worn for fashion. Although, some men in Nigeria believe women wearing leg chain is a Lesbian, but I don't believe it, as it continues to trend online.

And, some people believe women wearing leg chain somehow mean, they are married, but still opened up for other men to come in. Personally, I love women with leg chain, but the truth is that, whenever I see any woman putting leg chain, I look at her, like a runs woman or a mere chick, and guess, that is the way society views most of these women with leg chains in the society.

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