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Crazy Nigerian myths

Oroma, The Headless Girl Who Braids Her Own Hair

According to Nigerian legend, there once lived a woman named Oroma who changed into certainly the most stunning lady in a certain nation and turned into maximum famous for always having the first-rate hairstyles

All the guys loved Oroma, and all the ladies envied her due to the fact her splendor became unrivaled, and her hair turned into in reality divine.

Out of interest, many humans continuously asked Oroma where she made her beautiful hairstyles, however, on every occasion she was asked, Oromo refused to answer.

And so, legend has it that one nighttime even as all people inside the village became deep asleep, two inquisitive girls observed Oroma to see who or how she made her hair so beautiful all the time.

As the two young ladies peaked through the nook of the mud residence that Oroma lived in, they have been bowled over to peer a ghastly and supernatural sight.

A headless Oroma sat down on the floor along with her very own head in her hand and legend have it that a hundred supernatural hands have been hard at paintings pulling and stroking, combing and pressing Oroma's hair into shape unexpectedly.

The girls straight away ran and began screaming to convey what that they had just seen to the eye of the other village people, the towns human beings manifestly distressed all set out to seek out Oroma.

However, when the cities' human beings got to Oroma's house, she became nowhere to be found. They searched and searched, but there has been no sight of Oroma: it's far as though Oroma had disappeared into thin air.

Until this moment, Oroma has now been found, and if you see any stunning woman on the road rocking hair that appears supernaturally appropriate, you may simply be searching proper into the eyes of Oroma.

Bush Babies

You're in bed at night looking to go to sleep and all of a sudden you hear the sound of an infant crying.

Concerned, you arise and begin following the cry of the child looking to discover in which the mysterious sound is coming from.

Slowly, however, honestly you pass deeper and deeper into a strange terrain (e.g.,. A bush, a woodland) yet, you're nonetheless forced to find the source of this cry.

You circulate and also, you move till ultimately you find out the crying infant in the middle of the bush faced down crying.

You attain out to carry the crying toddler, but then as you are handing tactics toward the baby's frame, the child turns around.

Red Eyes, Razors sharp Needle Like Teeth, and an abnormal deformed face stare at you and quick front room at you.

mummy water

Probably the most famous Nigerian legend, mami water are everything opposite to what's believed of mermaids as depicted in “The Little Mermaid” or “Aquamarine”; in reality, mami water are certainly quite vicious.

According to legend, those creatures are extraordinarily stunning and feature the power to trap any man into their grasp.

The beautiful creatures (who additionally have legs and may walk amongst guys) come to land, seduce men, after which trap them back to the river by no means to return once more.

While this is the case, some different mami water spirits (as they're certainly spirits now not people) prefer to entice sailors, and guys at sea into their seductive hold close before viciously taking maintain of them and by no means returning them to land.

Don't be deceived, the little mermaid most effective exists in fairy stories. In the actual world, if a beautiful lady you are just meeting for the first time invite you to the seaside/river on the primary date, steer clean as Nigerian legend implies that you are definitely speaking to a mami water.

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