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Make-Up Terms You Should Be Familiar With

Make-up is a fundamental part of a woman's dressing and a decent information on the terms used in the make-up fashion scene would help you while attempting to do a make-up or make-over yourself. 

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What is a Primer? 

An item is utilized to set up the skin's surface before different items are applied. A face primer readies the skin's Surface before the foundation is applied, an eye shadow primer readies the eyelids surface before eye shadow is applied and a lip primer readies the lips surface before lipstick is applied. 


The item texture is by and large rich, but when applied, the skin isn't left with a sleek layer as it would be with a cream. 

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When applied, a primer is typically a dreary or complexion shaded item. The best new makeup, skincare, and hair items you need to think about 


Apply to the space of the face that the primer is planned for with either fingers or a restorative wipe. 

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What is a foundation? 

A skin-shaded item is utilized to try and out the composition or gives a surface to other makeup items to be applied. 


Foundations are accessible in an assortment of textures, fluids, cremes, and powders. The determination of which texture to use for a specific application will rely upon the skin type, the measure of inclusion required, and the ideal final product. 

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Foundations are accessible in a wide scope of complexion tones as an accurate match is needed for each skin is basic that the makeup craftsman pack obliges each skin tone. 

Kinds of Foundations 

1. Pancake Foundation 

2. Powder Foundation 

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This is an item whose piece is denser than foundation to give a thicker inclusion and that's only the tip of the iceberg "backbone" when applied to imperfect regions on the skin. 

It fundamental expectation is to disguise or conceal blemishes in the is accessible in an assortment of textures: smooth fluid, delicate set crème. 

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